This web site is designed to preserve and display Historical images of Western Canadian towns. It is not complete and hopefully never will be. The majority of the images of Saskatchewan towns are from the postcard collection of Don Kaye.

Because of the size of this project it is inevitable there will be errors on the website. Please send an email via the "contact" button and I will correct any such mistakes.

If anyone wishes to contribute images or information that would be greatly appreciated. Please send an email if you have anything of interest.

The following people have contributed images
Photos submitted are marked with the contributor's initials

Ken Petkau
Burt Edwin
Kelvin Gieselman
Wayne Meadows
Doug Thompson
Madeleine Turner
Al Popoff
Gerry Woloshyn
Del Allen
Kelly Vandesype
Ted Hainworth
Jo Anne Lauder
Norm Walker
Zakaria Traore
Doreen Dimitroff
William Vallevand
Bill Rayner
Owna Mellen
Walter Arksey
Lynn Madsen
Rob Ror
Betty Miles
Jean Villeneuve
James Woods
Gary Johnson
Peter Foulger
Earle Covert
Diana Gilleshammer
Keith Merritt
Ernie Parrish
Kelly Vandesype
Matt Robertson
Leinita Woods
Georgette Hutlet
Wally Hryhoriw
Maureen Johnson
Lindsey Martin
Roxanne Lefebvre
Dorothy Meyerhof
Greg Trayling
Don Janzen
Julie McNeice
Gerald Haesch
Bernice Nerbas
Grant Robinson
Donald Kauffman
Dave Dalby
Laurie Harley
Adrian Paton
Leon Merchant
Barrie McDonald
Clarke Burnett
Doug Bone
Brian Dobing
Cheryle Eikeland
Claire Brown
Grant Tweed
Kurtis Butler
Art Wiebe
Sharon Simms
Eugene Manchak
Tim Tarrant
Don Metz
Danny Vescarelli
Jeanette Byrne
Helene Stewart
Frank Korvemaker
Enid Facca
Ed Jelinski
Mel Tucker
Edward Koren
Amber Moore
Helen Leeds
Robert Davidson
Gail Johnson
Benoit Bollee
Bernice McQuiston
Ed Robbins
Carole Hudson
Barb Fletcher
Michael Thrasher
Maggie McQuillan
Bob Hamilton
Arlene Trew

Images marked with a "P" are from the Peel Postcard Library at the University of Alberta.

Images marked with a "GB" are from the collection of the Glenbow Archives in Calgary.

Images marked with a "ESP" are from the collection of the Esplanade Arts & Heritage centre in Medicine Hat.

Images marked with a "Leduc" are from the city of Leduc photo collection.

Images marked with a "VIN" are from the photo collection at Vintage Manitoba Photos

Images marked with an "*" are low resolution and may not reproduce well.