District of Assiniboia 1882-1905

On December 1,1882 the District of Assiniboia comprising of 95,000 sq mi, was formed as a regional administrative district from the entire southern section of the North West Territory covering the southern and central section of the current province of Saskatchewan. Most of it was absorbed into the Province of Saskatchewan in 1905, except for the westernmost quarter, which became part of Alberta.

Assiniboia in 1897

On February 15, 1881 a charter was granted to the Canadian Pacific Railway with the project to build a railway joining British Columbia to Winnipeg. With the building of the railway came settlers and the first post offices were built along the railway line. By spring of 1882, the railway had been completed to Indian Head and by Dec 1882, the line was completed to the future site of Maple Creek. The development of the railway mail service west of Winnipeg, through the District of Assiniboia as well as the increase in population rapidly followed the progress of the intercontinental railway. By 1885 the population of the District of Assiniboia was 22,083 with Broadview 8367, Qu’Appelle and Regina 9540, Moose jaw 2616, Medicine Hat 732. By 1891 the population had grown to 30,372 with Broadview 13676, Qu’Appelle 6806, Regina and Moose Jaw 7565 , Medicine hat 1316.

the earliest known example of an "ASSA" postmark

Post offices opened during 1882 in Assiniboia were
Regina - January 1, 1882
Troy (Qu’appelle Stn) - August 1, 1882
Wolf Creek(Wolseley) - October 1, 1882
Indian Head - November 1, 1882
Moosomin - November 1, 1882
Broadview - November 1, 1882
Moose Jaw – June 1, 1883

The data in this section is based on the book EMERGING SASKATCHEWAN by the late Donald W. Thompson and the late Norman E. Wagner. The material is reprinted with the kind permission of Dr. Thompson. This book is an absolute requirement for any serious collector of Assiniboia.

Earliest Recorded Date(ERD) and Latest Recorded Date(LRD)

The dates shown are partially from Dr. Thompson's book and partly from my own collection. I have expanded the listing to show ERD and LRD by hammer not just by town. Since the dates by hammer are mostly based on my own collection they are at best preliminary. I would appreciate any additional information known to other collectors.

Rarity Factors

R 1-3
E 4-12
D 13-20
C 21-50
B 51-100
A 100+