The town was named for Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac, a governor of New France.
The Post Office opened on March 1, 1911.
The current population is 80.

Postmarked 1916.

Postmarked 1916.

Robert and Annie Stanley bought the 3-storey Cadillac Hotel in 1920.   As Prohibition was in full force in Saskatchewan, the Stanley's turned the dining room into a general store.   The former bar became a warehouse of the store.   The Stanley's son Robert Jr. recalled that running the hotel was a real adventure.   "Rum runners" from the States came up through the prairie trails from Montana and stayed at the hotel.   They loaded their cars [with bootleg liquor] and set off for the south, usually on a Sunday morning. One of the bootleggers in particular would arrive with his wife and a couple of children who would act as a camouflage for the liquor.   He was a fantastic jazz piano player.   When he was in town the word soon spread and it was a night for dancing.   Then came word that he had been killed in a gun battle with revenuers [US federal revenue agents involved in liquor law enforcement]

Historical information courtesy of Joan Champ

Postmarked 1917.