The Post Office opened on March 1, 1911. Closed on November 22, 1985.
The current population is 25.

Postmarked 1911

Mrs. Elizabeth (aka Betty Ann) McMickin built the hotel in Goodwater in 1910 when she was about 55 years old. (She may be one of the women shown in this photo, although they all appear to be fairly young.)   Elizabeth and James McMicken, of Irish ancestry, came to Saskatchewan from Ontario, via Manitoba, in about 1905.   They farmed in the Assiniboia district for several years. James and the six McMickin children moved to the United States at some point.   In 1914, Elizabeth rented the hotel to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foss and returned to the States where her husband was farming.   After he died of smallpox in 1919, Elizabeth returned to Goodwater to operate the hotel again.   Her son Hunter came with her.   Her other two sons and three daughters remained in Montana.   It was said that Mrs. McMickin was a very good cook, pastry being her specialty.   In 1920, Hunter McMickin married Hild Bruning who worked in the hotel.   In 1928, Mrs. McMickin sold the Goodwater Hotel and moved to California, where she died at the age of 95.

Historical information courtesy of Joan Champ


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