Most of the cards have a description and a number in Black on the front, a few have them in white in white. These cards have Harmon's name on the reverse. The earliest date on any of the cards is July 23, 1913.

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third c42
third c43
third c44
third c46
third c47

third c48
third c49
third c49a
third c50

third c51
third c52
third c53,c53a,c53b
third c54

third c55
third c57
third c58
third c61

third c62
third c63
third c64
third c69

third c71,c71a
third c73
third c74
third c75

third c76
third c77
third c79,c79a
third c79b

third c80
third c83
third c85
third c89

third c90
third c91
third c93
third c150

third c151
third c153
third c154
third c155

third c155a
third c156
third c161
third c162

third nn1
third nn2
third nn3
third nn4

Third nn5

third nn6
third nn7
third nn8
third nn9