S T .   W A L B U R G

The town was originally named Clansman.
The name was changed to St. Walburg on November 1, 1920.
Post office opened on October 15, 1915.
The current population is 716.

Postmarked 1960

Postmarked 1926
The general store was owned by Andrew Willy and run by himself, his wife Margaret and children (oldest-youngest) Rose, Albert Guy, Alma, Raymond, Irene and Andrew.   Mr Willy had settled in North Dakota after leaving his family home in Michigan and in the late 1890s to early 1900s made a nice sum of money by buying a flax harvesting machine with his brother and custom harvesting in North Dakota.   He took this money and moved north into Saskatchewan. He purchased a number of horses and proceeded to St. Walburg to sell them but on learning that a general store was needed, returned south to Saskatoon, sold the horses and purchased the supplies necessary to build and stock this general store.  The store operated in the late 1910s and almost up to the end of the 1920s when a fire resulted in bankruptcy.