What's new on the WebSite

I switched to a new computer last August, and along with it a new version of the software that uploads
changes and additions. For six months the software has been uploading to somewhere and tellin me everything
is fine. I just discovered that the changes were not really there. Hopefully It has all been corrected.
If anyone sees that a photo or towns is missing please let me know.

As of March 1, 2018 there are
384 towns shown in Alberta with 4007 images
458 towns shown in Saskatchewan with 7733 images
218 towns shown in Manitoba with 2258 images

March 2018 addition of Grasswood,Letellier,Macrorie,Moorepark,Ormiston
February 2018 addition of Hart,Mountain Park,Scollard,Spedden,Standard
January 2018 addition of Bromhead,Coderre,Crestwynd,Horizon
addition of Lac du Bonnet,Rosedale,Rosemary
December 2017 addition of Bield, Hayfield, Inglis, Manyberries, McCord
addition of Meeting Creek,Shepard,Wartime
November 2017 addition of Alida, Bradwell,Dumas,Elie,Nemiskam
addition of Round Hill,Sangudo,Stirling,Watino
October 2017 addition of Burstall,Cloverbar,Entrance,Firdale,Fortier,Gonor
addition of Green Court,Rosebud,Rumsey,Rycroft,Wishart,Yonker