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As of April 1, 2017 there are
302 towns shown in Alberta with 3152 images
422 towns shown in Saskatchewan with 7088 images
201 towns shown in Manitoba with 1979 images

April 2017 addition of Isabella,Mayerthorpe,McLaughlin,Michichi,Milo,Pinkham
addition of Rosenfeld,Steeprock
March 2017 addition of Lousana,Lundbreck,Mallaig,Manning,Snow Lake
February 2017 addition of Brunkild,Kane,Leavitt,Lamont,Legal,Leslieville,Lomond, St. Agathe
January 2017 addition of Greenan,Lamont,Marwayne,Rosebank
December 2016 addition of Islay,Foxford.Josephburg,Kinsella,Medora,Smoky Lake
addition of Verigin,Weirdale,Willows
addition of over 100 new photos of Regina courtesy of Don Kaye
November 2016 addition of Carmel,Cecil,Court,Dafoe,Fiske,Glaslyn,Glen Valley
addition of Govenlock,Knox,Laird,Liberty,Mcgee,Mikado