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There are about 30 "hotel histories" now included with the appropriate photo in various Saskatchewan towns.
These are courtesy of Joan Champ.

January 2021 addition of Garrick,Grand Coulee,Qualicum Beach
December 2020 addition of Lake Saskatoon,Redfield,Wardner
November 2020 addition of Canuck
October 2020 addition of Fenwood
September 2020 addition of Tate
August 2020 addition of Antelope,Armley,Glasnevin
July 2020 addition of Lajord,Mantario,Union Bay

As of January 1, 2021 there are
385 towns shown in Alberta with 5169 images
531 towns shown in Saskatchewan with 9017 images
232 towns shown in Manitoba with 3102 images
157 towns shown in B.C. with 2398 images